Hello, my name is Tom-Helge Andersen. I’m 32 years old now and i’m from Norway.


I was born in the city called Hammerfest. It’s a small town long way north in Norway. I was living there until i was 4 years old. Here is a nice picture of the city.


After i moved from Hammerfest when i was 4 years old, i moved to Tromsø city where i was living my young days for many many years. And many years went on and we decided to move to a place called Stakkvik that is about 60 km outside of Tromsø. We was living there for 5-6 years before my parents decided to move from Stakkvik and all the way down to Ålesund. So i moved to my father in Tromsø to live there for a while. After almost 2 years by living in Tromsø after my parents moved, i decided my self to move down to Ålesund. The reason i decided to move down there was because of a job i could get. And i got the job when i had moved to Ålesund.

Some more years went in Ålesund and it’s from here my stories about the pictures under here starts. This picture under of me is from 2009 while i was living in Ålesund. I was with a friend of me camping on an island where they had a cottage. So we drove his boat around everywhere in the area where they had their cottage.


Here is another picture of me from when i was living in Ålesund, but this is from earlier in 2013 where i was with the Red Cross – Search and Rescue team. We was having an exercise to search after a lost person that was supposed to be injured. When we found him, we had to get him on the stretcher and move him down from the forest to a safe ground. I think this is a nice thing to do instead of just sitting at home doing almost nothing every day.


Here are some pictures from Ålesund city, which is one of the most beautifull cities in Norway.



I was living in Ålesund from late 2007 to mid 2013 where i was really enjoying my time there. But the time had to come that i had to move out of the appartment as the house owner we was renting an appartment on was selling the house, so i took the decision to just move up to Tromsø instead and live in the same appartment as my father there until i find my own appartment to live in.

As i have been moving to the city Tromsø again earlier this year (mid 2013) in Norway that is a very beautifull city, i’m not a part of the Red Cross – Search and Rescue team anylonger. I might join up with them in the future here in Tromsø, but when that might happen i don’t know. I’m just gonna show you some pictures from Tromsø city on how beautifull the city looks. So here you can see some pictures. Enjoy.

December in Tromsø: 2PM


Other than that, i’m a person who loves everything that’s about electronics, computers, smartphones, multicopters and cars. So this blog will be about those things. This blog will also be about some games i loves to bits. The first game is called EVE Online, it’s a Sci-Fi game witch is happening in space and it’s made by the Icelandic game company called CCP. The game was released 6th March 2003, so it have been going for a long time by now and are getting bigger and bigger for each months that goes.

Here is some pictures from the game. Just click on the EVE Online pictures to get the pictures to automaticly open the pictures in a new tab. I will write more about EVE Online in later articles on what i’m doing in the game and what i think about the game after playing it since 2004.



I also love to play the game Mass Effect 3 as i’m a huge fan of Sci-Fi games. So i will also write about this game in my blog in later articles.

That was all for now. If you are intrested to follow me, you can also just click on one of the ‘Social’ buttons on the bottom of every page if you want to follow me on Facebook, Google+ and YouTube.

I hope you like this blog and enjoys it.

Greetings from Tom-Helge.


2 thoughts on “About

    • Heisann. Nå er dette en blogg som skal være for alle jeg kjenner og vet om innenfor Norge ut utenfor Norge. Så da er det alltid en fordel at den er på Engelsk 🙂 .

      In English: Hey. This is a blog that is supposed to be for everyone i knows about both in Norway and outside of Norway. So it’s always a good idea to write my blog in English then 🙂 .


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