EVE Online – NightmareX’s Videos.

Hello ladies and gentlemens.

This post will be about a game called ‘EVE Online’ that is an MMO game that i have been playing since early April 2004. I have been through alot of different corporations and alliances through the years where i have been trying to find me a home that fits me 100% and where i can stay as long as possible. But most of the corporations and alliances i have been in earlier have either been dying out because of boredom / little to do or been dispanded in the end.

But somewhere in July 2015, i finally found the corp and alliance i have always been dreaming about joining since my early days in EVE. The corp i joined is called ‘Coreli Corporation’ and the alliance they are in are called ‘Mercenary Coalition’.

Mercenary Coalition is an alliance in EVE Online that does mercenary contracts by getting hired in to do jobs for others all around the galaxy in EVE. So after being in ‘Coreli Corporation’ in ‘Mercenary Coalition’ for over 1 year and 2 months now, i can glady say that i have found my perfect home.

So i’m gonna explain a little about who i’am and what i do in EVE under here.

Some of you here probably knows already that i’m kinda the ‘multimedia’ guy (others in alliance might be that aswell) in MC that makes PVP videos and other types of videos from EVE Online. Because of that, i believe you probably wonder on what kind of videos i have been creating earlier and stuffs. Or you might not even know that i have been creating EVE videos for several years already.

I’m not seeing myself as a professional PVPer or a professional video creator in any ways. I’m just seeing myself as a normal guy with the basic experience in those 2 things. So let’s say something short about each of my videos under here.

1. EVE Online – Bringers Of Hatred (Infinitus Odium).

This was one of my first real PVP videos i made back in 2011. Infinitus Odium had been dead for some years before they came back in 2011. The good part is that we got alot of action in the beginning where i frapsed most of the fights from, but the bad part is that Infinitus Odium went dead again some months later. They tried to come back, but didn’t succeed in that.

So here is my first PVP video where i’m being a naughty pirate in one of the most known pirate corps in EVE back then.

2. EVE Online – Rebirth 4.

In the late february 2012, i joined my first mercenary corporation in EVE. I had seen some of their current PVP videos before i joined. But what i wasn’t aware of is that this empire mercenary corporation was no where to be anywhere similar to the other empire mercenary corporations in empire.

The CEO of Rebirth. was a REALLY REALLY experienced fleet commander and knew what he was doing. So because of that, we went through quite alot of crazy and intense fights that no other empire mercenary corporations would even dare to go into.

After the first few months in corp, i was simply blown away with the awesome performance of the corp. So i managed to fraps some fights and use some other fraps footages from another corp member in my video that shows what we have been doing. However, the corp went inactive at the end of 2012.

Here is the video.

3. EVE Online – Suddenly Spaceships fighting in Tama (31.10.2013).

In late october 2013, i decided to join a powerfull pirate force again. This time it was the well known corp ‘Mind Games.’ in the ‘Suddenly Spaceships’ alliance.

We had some good fights in the beginning, but the alliance decided to move into a wormhole which was completely new to me. And because i was somewhat busy in RL at that time, i couldn’t keep up with the corp. And because i wasn’t comfortable with wormholes in general at that time, i left the corp.

But i managed to be a part of an awesome player event in Tama before we moved into wormhole space. Here is the video.

4. EVE Online – Clash of the Empires (Empire PVP).

In late may 2014, i decided to go back to empire PVP. So i joined ‘The Marmite Collective’ alliance. I knew what they was doing and what they was doing wasn’t anything special. But i did manage to join them on a ‘spot on’ or perfect time, because a little after i joined them, all or most of the mercenaries in empire decided to go together in a MASSIVE war against RvB. We had to form a Coalition for that where we called it ‘Merc Cluster Coalition (MCC).

We knew that RvB combined would outnumber us many times if they decide to bring alot of peoples / ships to us. So we kinda knew that we would have a hard time against them as they are more experienced than us in those bigger fights. But we wasn’t afraid to try, because we did believe that this was going to be huge / massive, so we had to take the oppoturnity to join in on this.

And we did. And the fights went as we expected them to go that we wouldn’t really get some big wins. So here is the video from that. The first fight isn’t from the RvB war, it’s just a normal fight with another war target.

As you can see, we made history in the war against RvB as we managed to bring the biggest fights Jita and probably high sec in general have ever seen. We was around 280 players / ships that went berserk on each others in Jita. How often do you see that?

Never. So even though we lost isk wise in the war there, the whole war was awesome in my eyes.

5. EVE Online – Asteroid Madness (Visual).

In early 2015, i decided to try out something new by making a visual video about the new Asteroid belt visual effects that came then. So this is not a PVP video by any means. So as a first try on this, i think i managed to make this to something good.

Here is the visual video i made.

6. Mercenary Coalition (Work In Progress) (Halted For Now).

Now, in late July 2015, i decided to join Coreli in Mercenary Coalition. As i have been a mercenary before i kinda wanted to get back to that. So what could be better than joining Coreli or Mercenary Coalition in that case :-D?.

Well, so far it seems to be the right choice as i see that we are getting the types of fights i likes most in EVE. To bad i have missed some awesome fights so far, but i’m doing all i can to keep up and join fleets when i can. So, as this is a ‘Work in progress’ video, it’s still far from being completed. So i have no description or name for the video so far. I have managed to fraps some cool fights that we have had.

What do you think of my earlier videos and what do you think of my new ‘Work in progress’ video so far?

I’m asking as i’m doing my best to be better at making videos, so some valid criticisms on what i can be better at / make better is ALWAYS welcome here.

Have fun watching my videos.


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