Dark Nova (My New Mini-ITX Computer)

Hello and welcome to my blog post about my new computer that i bought in early 2015. This blog post was moved over from my earlier ‘Google Blogger’ page that i don’t use as my main blog anylonger.

I have decided to upgrade my old computer to something much better, newer and to something smaller in a Mini-ITX format. I will be writing about it under here. The main reason i decided to go for a Mini-ITX build this time is to be able to take it with me when i’m traveling to my friends and family and at the same time have it as my main computer at home. And it’s to save some space on my computer desk.

The computer case is only 331 mm (Height) x 208 mm (Width) x 233 mm (Depth) in size, so i can fit it into the most smaller hand baggages.

I have somewhat figured out what my computer is going to be called this time. The name will be ‘Dark Nova’. But i might change the name in the future if i find a better suited name for the computer. If you have a tips or an idea on what i can call it, then just leave me a comment on the end of this page.

Here you can see 13 pictures in a slide of how my new computer looks like. Press the ‘pause’ button if you want the slides to stop switching pictures. You can also press the ‘forward’ or ‘backward’ button to slide between all of the pictures.

It might take a little while to load the pictures depending on how fast your internet connection is. So just wait for it to load.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The computer looks great doesn’t it?

Here is the full specification on my new computer.

As you can see, it’s pretty up-to-date with the new Motherboard, Processor, Graphic Card, M.2 SSD, Power Supply and so on.

I had 2x 1 TB normal harddrives earlier that I updated to 1x 3 TB normal harddrive (in mid March 2015) as my plan is to only use one normal harddrive in my computer to save weight and space. That harddrive will not be placed under the Graphic Card, but on the front on the inside of the computer case.

UPDATE: As of 21st of March 2017, i ordered a ‘Samsung 960 EVO NVMe M.2 SSD 250GB‘. So now i finally can throw away my old S-ATA II SSD that i have been using for 5 years and 7 months.

And here is a list on what i’m gonna upgrade on / to the computer later.

Under here i will write down my benchmark scores in different benchmark applications to show how powerfull this little beast is.

Benchmark scores will come soon…..


4 thoughts on “Dark Nova (My New Mini-ITX Computer)

  1. Hello.
    How much can i buy the complete set from you… I am looking forward for your reply.


  2. Great build! I have a question though about the case itself. How were you able to secure the GPU bracket at the end opposite the two screws? The expansion bracket design on this case, or at least on mine, doesn’t fit standard PCI brackets securely at the far end. I have an NZXT led kit that uses a PCI bracket and it’s sunk in at one end because of this apparent flaw.


    • Hey. Thanks for your question. Because the GPU is so short (its only 17cm long), there is no need for a GPU bracket to secure the GPU itself as it wont bend itself because of that. If you think about the plate that is on top of the GPU itself, that’s something that came with the GPU. And the main purpose of that is to make the GPU more stiffer so it doesn’t bend at all and to protect the components on the GPU.

      Not sure if that was the answer you was after, but let me know if you need more answers :-).


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