My Audi S1 Sportback Quattro (2015) (Bumblebee / Humla).

Hello there. I bought me an 'Audi S1 Sportback Quattro' (2015 model) in the color 'Vegas Yellow' 17th of September 2018 here in the same city as I'm living in Norway. Here is the professionally taken pictures of the car (not taken by me). It might take some time to load all of the pictures … Continue reading My Audi S1 Sportback Quattro (2015) (Bumblebee / Humla).

EVE Online – NightmareX’s Videos.

Hello ladies and gentlemens. This post will be about a game called 'EVE Online' that is an MMO game that i have been playing since early April 2004. I have been through alot of different corporations and alliances through the years where i have been trying to find me a home that fits me 100% … Continue reading EVE Online – NightmareX’s Videos.